Castifi: The G Suite for Production Companies


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In today’s modern, tech-driven economy, it seems that each tribe and type of person has a tool and/or software dedicated to their specific needs. Corporate businesses have tools and software that facilitate collaboration, streamline communication, and tailor to their specific needs. Tech companies, too, have a variety of tools and software that not only do the above but maximize efficiency and optimize productivity.
Except for the film production industry.

The Traditional Way

Sure, there is an app here or there that tracks one specific part of the gigantic ecosystem that is one feature film production, but the world of production is one all it's own. In this world, normal rules do not necessarily apply. It takes a dedicated group of individuals to get a film made, but no two operations are alike. What worked on one project can’t simply be copy and pasted over to another project.

If you’ve worked in this business long enough there is no doubt that you’ve developed internal workflows with a mish-mash of Google Sheets, E-Signature products, and any other little web tool you can think of. But even when you know how to use these tools, the truth is that they are not designed to support the high growth demands of the digital media industry and are limiting to productivity. Where is the suite of tools that will allow members within the production industry, whether you're a producer, crew, cast member, or accountant, to collaborate in a modern way?

Well, we have the answer.


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The Castifi Way


All in One Place

Films shoot in different locations, offices are temporary trailers, and headquarters is a pop-up tent - with each department acting as a nearby satellite office. Productions are constantly on the move, work happens in phases, and changes happen frequently - the documents and essential paperwork should function just as fluidly.


Get Alerted Quickly

Castifi combines the process of hiring, scheduling, on set management, and payroll paperwork in one place so your production business is buttoned up and in one easily accessible, trackable, place. It's easy to understand why it's so important that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed when you could face massive union penalties. Like an extra vigilant production assistant just for you, Castifi alerts you on where the gaps are and what is left to be done.

Even better, the more you use Castifi, the less you have to do. Standard working information is securely stored within the Castifi platform, eliminating the need to fill out tedious paperwork every time you show up to a new production. 


Gain More Insight

By using an integrated tool like Castifi, you get the added benefit of being able to gain insight into the production's information you've collected.

  • See how much money has been spent at a glance
  • Alerts on when your team is going into overtime
  • Get real-time information on timecards and payroll

Your crew’s working experience allows you to work smarter. Your work becomes more mindful. You become more confident in what you contribute. Everyone is more accountable; transparency breeds a safe community; statistics empower everyone to make better decisions. Your impact and contributions, as well as the positive facts of collaboration are measured and displayed so you can proudly show off what you already do well.

Auto-Fill Information

Castifi allows you to pull reports, copy and paste information across reports, and tracks changes so you can measure progress. Auto-fill information across multiple forms, like timesheets, timecards, and daily production reports. Stop worrying about typos and inaccurately added meal breaks. Do it once and be done. Then when you’re done, pull that report that summarizes everything that happened that day.

Pick and Choose Features

When using Castifi, you aren’t hemmed into a closed system. Do you need to hire hundreds of background actors for a concert scene? Maybe you need a PA for a small commercial shoot in Austin? Or maybe you're over getting a million "confirmed" emails in your inbox, and want a way to communicate key information out to the entire cast and crew in one swift click. Whatever your production needs are, Castifi has got you covered.


Get Support Easily

We know production is a fickle thing and a wise crew knows they can only prepare so much for what any day of filming may bring. Castifi has an excellent customer service team that is ready to help navigate any changes that a project might encounter. Our support page is designed to help you efficiently - just like our product.

Our team comes from the production industry.
We are the people who got frustrated in repeatedly doing manual tasks and concocted a solution. But most of all, we were, and are, striving to improve everyone’s productivity and continue to invest time and effort to do so.




With Castifi, you get to work sooner, easier, and everyone has more brain space to commit to creating. If you are interested in using Castifi on your next project or want to learn more, a great way to get started is to request a free demo and learn about the pre-boarding process. 

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