Castified: Rae Loomes

From the sunny beachside of Sydney, Australia, Rae Loomes fills every room with a bit of sunshine herself. Her cheery demeanor is contagious, and you can tell it’s apparent in her work environments as well. Rae has been an actress for many years, and she hit the ground running when she worked on CBS All Access digital series “No Activity,” featuring big names like Will Ferrell. Read on to learn about Rae’s journey to Los Angeles, and how Castifi has influenced her career along the way.


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Where are you from?

I’m from a beautiful beach town called Cronulla in Sydney, Australia. Cronulla is actually derived from “Kurranulla”, meaning “place of the pink seashells” in the dialect of the area’s Aboriginal inhabitants.

What appealed to you about acting?

I’ve been acting since I was little; it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. One of the first memories I have that made me want to be an actor was seeing the Princess Dress hanging on display in my first ever Drama class. I thought it was picture perfect and over the top, like something every Disney princess would wear. I was determined to be cast as the lead of the end of the year production just so I could wear the dress (which I was!).


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What is your favorite part about working with Castifi?

Castifi makes the whole casting process extremely easy compared to most other platforms or casting agencies. It’s all done on your phone! The team on set is super helpful and genuine, and most importantly they keep the atmosphere fun and stress-free.

Tell me about the experience of the favorite gig you did with Castifi?

I worked on the CBS All Access Show “No Activity” with Will Ferrell, Arturo Castro, and Patrick Brammall. Even though I just did Featured Background work, it was a lot of fun to be in Hollywood working with fellow Aussies that I’d grown up watching. Will Ferrell and Arturo Castro were super fun and made everyone laugh on set!

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

It sounds cliche but my piece of advice would be to never give up! This career and industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping learning and surround yourself with good people!


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