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With so many crew members on staff, a short timeframe, and a tight budget, filming a project can become overwhelming very quickly. However, a fail-proof process that allows you to manage it all (especially the moola!) can help prevent overspending and losing sensitive data.

We know how tiresome early call times and late wraps can be. How frustrating it is filling out the same start paperwork over and over again. With these pains in mind, we dreamed up and created a process to help our fellow industry members.

Check out how you can take your cast and crew paperless in 5 easy steps:

  1. Add your Cast & Crew: In three clicks, you can choose from thousands of vetted cast and crew members, or add your own team. Sit back and relax as your Crew List automatically populates as you lock in your team members.
  2. Send Digital Start Work: Your newly created team will get notified via SMS and email that they have forms to sign. If they’re already signed up with Castifi, their information is already pre-populated for them, making them extra happy to start on your project.
  3. Send SMS Updates: You’ve got a big project ahead, and there are bound to be some last minute changes. Parking lot changed? Call time has been pushed up? Rest assured that your crew has gotten notified and everyone knows the latest.
  4. Digital Timecards: Why wait for your crew to walk to the production office to submit their times? Let them send it to your 2nd AD at the tap of a button. With our free On Set App, we’ve allowed a designated Crew member to submit time sheets for their department.
  5. Process with ABS Payroll: The Independent Filmmaker’s Choice since 1985. With our simple integration, processing payroll for your crew has never been simpler. Calculations are done on the spot, and payroll is processed in 24–48 hours.

More time, more sleep, less administrative work, and faster pay? You better believe your crew members are going to say yes every time you ask them to work.

Happy filmmaking, production peeps!

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