Castified: Filippo Duelk

Some people just have ‘it’ and Filippo is definitely one of them. His undeniably unforgettable personality leaves an entire room smiling ear to ear and his natural knack for entertaining is already making a splash in Hollywood after relocating to Los Angeles just a few years ago. Castifi is proud to have kicked off his very first acting job in LA with an international Red Lobster commercial, where he went from being a background actor to a speaking part opposite Tyrese Gibson. Currently perfecting his craft at one of LA’s most famous acting schools, Stella Adler, we caught up with Filippo to learn more about his international move to LA, experiences as an aspiring actor in a competitive playing field, and how Castifi gave him a jump start in the City of Angels.

Where are you from?

That is a complicated question in my case. I was born in Barcelona, Spain, grew up in the Dominican Republic until the age of six, and then moved to Germany with my Mom. I went to university in the town Heidelberg, Germany. My father is Italian and I do have the pleasure of having a big Italian family like you see in the movies!

Can you tell us your moving-to-LA story?

It is very exciting and sad at the same time to move away from your hometown and your family, friends, and contacts. You have to leave them all behind when you are on the other side of the planet pursuing your purpose. Once you book the flight, things get real. In my case, there is no better way to explain it than a bittersweet experience.

What appealed to you about acting?

Acting as a profession is a brave decision and once you go for it and commit to it, the reward of touching people’s deepest emotions, fears and feelings is very satisfying in my eyes. The art of acting is a beautiful therapeutic craft and teaches you all kinds of life lessons — “a book with endless amounts of pages to learn from.” Capturing viewers and listeners through various mediums on a journey far away from reality with me as their guide is one of the most unique experiences.

Filippo Duelk, 27 year old actor in Los Angeles, CA

What made you sign up for Castifi?

I love to make new connections through work environments and Castifi was recommended to me by a dear friend of mine. They’re not only a professional casting company, but also one with a very friendly way of dealing with their clients. Their whole team and customer service is superb. I had the opportunity to work for Castifi several times now and I am glad that I signed up on their app as soon as I heard about it.

Tell us about the first gig you did with Castifi.

That was a “Red Lobster” commercial with Tyrese Gibson and I was a featured guest. I had a lot of fun working with such an experienced actor in the entertainment industry. The best memory from the job was when Tyrese told me that “a star recognizes a star.” It’s also how the commercial ends — pretty epic! Little things like that make you push forward and keep you motivated in this trying and competitive industry.

We also had the pleasure of working with you on a Nick Jonas music video. What was that experience like?

The Nick Jonas shoot was great — a little windy, but a fun experience! It was a professional shoot and a very large production crew. Since it was a major music video, it was cool to see how things work behind the scenes. It is very helpful for an actor’s personal learning process, especially those starting out in the entertainment industry to see the big picture of how a production works.


On set for Nick Jonas’s music video

How did it feel seeing the video after it premiered?

It is very satisfying to see yourself up on screen with the big fishes! Like I mentioned before, it’s motivating and makes you hungry to keep on pursuing the dream. This industry is like many others that requires you take your career step by step, but slowly you grow and become better, and my experiences on set with Castifi has definitely helped in that process.

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

My advice is to always be punctual, nice and keep it professional. Be polite to everyone around you, both cast and crew. It creates a relaxed and good work environment, which reflects in the overall mood of a project. How well people get along on set and work together is very important, and it shows in the end product. Always put your best foot forward!

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