Castified: Fatima Domingush

It’s every actor’s dream come true: walking down the street and seeing your face on a billboard. For Fatima Domingush, that dream recently became a reality. After being booked by Castifi for a Linkedin commercial shot in Los Angeles, Fatima was featured in Linkedin’s nationwide ad campaign — and her face appeared on ads and billboards in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. We caught up with Fatima to learn more about her background, her experiences as an aspiring actor in the City of Angels, and how being a part of Castifi has made all the difference in her career.


Fatima’s Linkedin ad at the Studio City Metro

Where are you from?

“I actually moved here from Tampa, Florida about 3 years ago. I lived there for 11 years — high school, college and university. Before that I moved to Florida from Russia. I was born and raised in Russia. I still have a little bit of an accent.”

Can you tell me your moving-to-LA story?

“I started doing modeling at the age of 20 back in Florida — I had a really nice agency, but the job market there was too little. I felt like I needed to expand, try new cities, and find new opportunities. So me and my now-husband talked about it — New York or LA? New York or LA? We finally moved to LA in 2016. I started in the modeling side and did some acting as well, and realized that I liked acting more.”

What appealed to you about acting?

“It has so much personality! The people and the industry are so different from the modeling world. I feel like I’m able to give out so much more than I was in modeling. I have so many characters I can portray — instead of just being pretty in front of a camera, I get to express words and emotions. My dream when I was little was to be an actor and a model, but it’s hard to do both — you have to concentrate on one or the other.”


Fatima Domingush Headshot

What made you sign up for Castifi?

“I signed up for Castifi last year. I heard my friends talking about it, and was like okay, let me try. Literally the first day I signed up, I booked my first gig. It was crazy! I love how easy Castifi made it to find work.”

Tell me about the first gig you did with Castifi.

“That first job was a pilot for a TV show. It was background work — I was portraying a high school student. I actually scored lines on that pilot — I was sitting at the same lunch table as the director and he ended up asking me to say a few lines.”

Tell me more about the shoot that you just finished with Linkedin.

“The Linkedin shoot was my 4th or 5th time working with Castifi. I was being background in an office scene, and the AD came up to me and said they liked how I held my hands. They did some stills with me, and asked if I’d be okay with being part of the campaign. I was like, are you kidding me? Yes! Now there are posters and billboards all around the city. Last week, on January 8th, I got an email saying that my picture for the campaign had already been posted all around the city — and in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and SF. I didn’t realize it was going to be that big.”


LinkedIn Ad Ft. Fatima Domingush

How did it feel seeing your ads when the campaign launched?

“On Tuesday the 9th, I was in the subway in Studio City, walked off the subway, and saw myself right there! I was like oh my God, this is so crazy, this is so exciting. Having a billboard is one of my dreams, and I never thought that it would happen. I’ve had a lot of friends send me pictures on social media, saying, ‘hey I just passed your billboard!’ My husband and I were at Walgreen’s the other day and we saw a huge poster on the bus stop. It’s really exciting. Here and there, I get a message from friends, even as far as Philadelphia. I’m totally going to add the material to my website, my portfolio, and hopefully this will push me even farther in a few years.”

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

“Ask for advice, ask for help, but don’t ever just rely on people’s opinions and suggestions. Some people told me not to do background, but that’s been incredibly helpful for me! Follow your dreams and do what you think is right.”

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